What is PEN?

Our Mission Statement

The Peer Editing Network (PEN) is a volunteer student-run service organization that aims to provide meaningful feedback on Brophy student writing in a timely manner. PEN helps students improve their writing and normalizes asking for help. In addition, PEN trains students to provide useful and coherent feedback to their peers.

How does it work?

Submission Process

1. Create a great draft of your writing using Google Docs.

2. Update the Doc's sharing privileges (share > get shareable link > anyone at Brophy with the link can comment).

3. Complete the PEN Submission Form below as directed and give us 24-48 hours to return your work with useful feedback.

Editing Process

The PEN doesn’t really edit the submitted assignments. All “editing” is done through the commenting feature in Google Documents. Reviewers communicate problems about the assignment through the comment blurbs and add detail to educate, and reviewers do not command the writing process. PEN won’t tell you what to write. This method of review helps the writer learn instead of just having them blindly fix mistakes. The actual process of rewriting is the responsibility of the submitter. This means the PEN doesn’t take responsibility for any points lost. The writer should know what their teacher wants in an assignment.

Return Process

Students will receive a personal email from their editor with a link to their Google Doc. Teachers will be copied.

How can I become an editor?

Anyone who has a keen eye for writing and editing is welcome. Apply here. If you have any questions, inquire in person or via email with William Hays (whays21@brophybroncos.org) or Mr. John Damaso (jdamaso@brophyprep.org).